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    Default Chub Size To Weight Ratio????

    Can anyone help with a size to weight ratio for Chub? Went fly fishing for a couple of hours on the local river this morning to test my new 7ft brook rod. After fishing a couple of pools without success I spotted some chub moving under a tree. An awkward side cast later followed by a viscious take my pink tagged gold bead hares ear was firmly enbedded in this beutiful chub. I only managed to get one photo but the fish was the length of the opening of the net when layed flat. Can anyone tell me the weight if the fish is 17 inches in length? I estimate the fish to be somewhere between 3 and 4 pounds?
    Didn't manage a trout but managed another chub and a few grayling on dries to 9 inches.

    Thanks Mark

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    I was in the Chub Study Group for a few years and although we didn't have a length to weight scale we did note the dimensions of any chub of over 4lbs and the one thing that this demonstrated was the importance of girth in estimating the weight of a chub.

    Chub from different rivers seemed to have slight but disctinct differences in girth relative to length. Wye chub for example are quite long for their weight as they have smaller girths whereas fish from the Cherwell are very short for their weight.

    Wtih regard to your fish I think you are being a tad optimistic, from my records I would say that a 17" chub would be very unlikely to be over 3lbs and might be as small as 2lb 4oz, yours seems to have quite a normal girth so I would go to the middle of the range, perhaps 2lbs 12oz or something close. It is also missing the brassy sheen typical of the bigger chub but this might be due to the river colour at the time.
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    I would go along with Sewinbasher.
    Before getting back into serious fly fishing,my coarse angling was centered around chub fishing on my local river down here in surrey.I would have guessed no more than 3lb,it looks a little lean in the photo!!!,so could be a fair bit less.
    On my local river i could look at a chub and say -thats 2-12 to 3lb or thats around 3-8 or whatever weight and be quite accurate.Different story up on the Severn.Totally different fish,look at some and think,blimey thats a monster only to be proved wrong.They seem to have really massive heads compared to down here!!!!.
    Best bet is a set of scales-no more guesswork then.
    Nice fish nonetheless

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    Thanks guys. It fought like a wet tea bag, giving in after the initial run! Still a handfull on a 3 weight. I have caught trout that weight and bigger with my fishing buddy that didn,t look so big so it shows how things can be deceptive! It,s head was like a dog and still very satisfying to catch as there was two or three fish mulling around under an overhanging bush. even though i was wading up to the waist these fish can be very wise often turning thier nose up at most offerings! Nice to target a fish and lure it to the take. Very satisfied.
    Thanks again Mark

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