Hi again,

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last year in june i catched my first pike at sight with my fly-rod and a streamer.
I arrived Starnberg at afternoon, and i took my bicycle to visit some nice places to make a good cast, adventitious i saw a nice pike beside a harbor, he was on the/ a hunt, i mounted very fast a streamer and a strong leader on my fly rod/reel,

a short time later, i did a good cast 1,5m in front of his head, a few stripes, stop... and then a strong agressive attack at my lure, wunderful!!!!!!!what a suprise, i never saw such wunderful attack, if you considers, i never visit a praxis course of fly-fishing, i dont got also a friend who explains me flyfishing. i was very happy about this catch, because in germany many colleagues in forums told me, you must visit a course and pay a guide, only thats the right way to learn flyfishing, many german flyfishers laughed about my way to learn this wunderful art of fishing^^
i only read books, watched videos at youtube and then learning by doing.
as a beginner i choose two large stillwater lakes, lake ammersee and lake starnberg, it was a hard and a difficult choice, but i catched my fish^^
you can get it if you really want, but you must try until the success arrive at your side

my first pike 1300g and 58cm

Petri Heil