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Thread: canal flies

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    Default canal flies

    Hi everyone, Ive been trying out my local canal with not much luck there are fish topping on an evening but I cant seem to tempt them? Any patterns or techniques I should be using?
    Thanks Tye
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    Quote Originally Posted by tye View Post
    Hi everyone, Ive been trying out my local canal with not much luck there are fish topping on an evening but I cant seem to tempt them? Any patterns or techniques I should be using?
    Tanks Tye
    I'm assuming they're roach or rudd that you're seeing in which case very small flies have always worked for me under similar circumstances. A 3# set up with light tippet throwing size 20 klinks usually works or suspend a size 20 gold head nymph under a klink (maybe only a foot or so deep) and you should get a result. Red bodied nymphs do well when the water isn't too murky.

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    Whickams Fancy in various sizes is brilliant on the Chesterfield Canal, omit the wings on the smaler sizes.
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    Thanks for the reply I think ive been too big 4lb fluorocarbon line and 14 hooks, some seemed like good fish not used thin line and small flies before! !Being a coarse fisherman who turned to the dark side I should have known! Its the most frustrating thing ive ever done, did my first net dipping yesterday see what's in there.

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    Klinks and PTNs work best for me when I'm down the canal. Size 14 is the smallest I can use as I can't see the eye to tie on the leader if the fly is any smaller mg

    Them roach & Rudd can be very frustrating to catch with dries though, they're so fast they've taken and spat out the fly before you've even lifted into them.

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    Cheers peanut head!

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    peacock and blacks in small sizes, 18s and 20s are good for roach on the section of canal I fish.
    Personal preference for tippet is fluorocarbon with a .10mm diameter .
    I used to fish with size 14 and 16 patterns and struggled catching roach on the canal....dropped to smaller patterns and I started having a bit more luck.
    I use some other patterns but a black and peacock is my most productive.

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    Am I wasting my time fly fishing any water that is heavily coloured eg canal?

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    As stated Klink and PTN.

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    Default Re: canal flies

    Black & peacock spiders are also my go to pattern for roach in the GUC close to here.
    I like them tied with red thread and a red wire rib but regular silver ribbed work just fine.
    Small red tags also do the business but as with the spiders they can have to be pretty tiny at this time of year- 18s seem to work most of the time.
    Caught plenty of roach on the B&P spiders last night - the roach were just hanging in the water, as they do, about a foot down.
    Finicky but plenty to go at- once you spook a pod of 'em just move on to the next. I does help if your canal has loads of "chances" as 1st chuck is always the best.
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