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    Default Re: Winter River Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominikk85 View Post
    Mucky rivers I have too. How do you fish there and for what fish?
    It's worth going back through this thread and looking at the regular contributors. Then look at their other posts. That's how I got started.

    That said, I fished for 40 minutes today and didn't get a nibble.
    Winter River Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish-riv-jpg

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    Default Re: Winter River Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Skateboard Dave View Post
    Last weekend the rivers round here we not up to much so I spent a couple of hours on the GUC. That wasn't up to much either!
    2 bites and 2 fish was all I could muster from the very coloured water in a couple of hours of trying.
    One tiny perch and a 6lb pike! Was lucky to get the pike in as I didn't have a net with me and it was on 1 inch long size 18 pink squirmy. Hooked cleanly in the top lip so the 3lb mono avoided those line cutting teeth. ;-)

    Yesterday the rivers were better so myself and Pete headed to the Black Brook, again.
    The colour and flow were about perfect and in a 3 hour session we managed just under 30 fish between us.
    I had 13 dace, 3 small chub and a perch.
    Including the biggest dace I've ever seen or caught - must have been about 12 inch long and probably 12 oz +. Unfortunately I dropped it back before I could get Pete and his camera. ;-(

    Today I took a punt and headed to a water I'd never fished before despite it only being 25mins drive away - the Warks. Avon at Rugby.
    I'd been meaning to try it for years but just had never gotten round to it.
    I was worried it'd be too "up" and coloured for me to do any damage especially as I wouldn't have a clue which swims would hold fish or even the depth anywhere...that is why you never fish a venue you don't know in winter. Ignoring my own advice again.
    I didn't get to the bankside until gone 2pm so needed to find fish pretty fast or get my first blank in years.
    The river was bigger than I expected especially compared to my usual tiny streams. It was also bombing through and carrying colour but not unfishable.
    I tried a few near bank semi slack areas but wasn't confident - changing flies to try and hit the deck but was "blind" and struggling.
    A walk downstream and I found the river split into two for a few hundred meters.
    Here the stream on my side was more manageable - slower and shallower.
    Confidence was on the up despite still being "in the dark" . A couple of taps below a sunken tree and I was starting to believe. A fish on and, just as quickly, off got me thinking the dry might not happen. Thirty seconds later I had my hand around a 4 oz chub- the dry avoided I could relax and find out what this side stream/offshoot held. Over the next hour and a half I added chub after chub. All small ones no bigger than 6 or 7 oz tops but great fun and they were taking on the dangle in water that really seemed too fast for them to be in?
    The fast water made the takes really positive and easy to hook. The fight was much better too, thanks to the flow, those tiny chub were bending my rod really well.
    I ended up with 32 chub and one nice dace - a superb result and far better than I could have dreamt of when I first saw the river.
    I can't wait to go back when it's lower so I can try the main river. It could be a great venue - fingers crossed I didn't just hit a lucky area today.
    Can you describe the downstream fishing you mentioned a couple times? Just use a short line and dangle it down the rod tip? Leaving it there stationary?

    Are you using a two nymph rig? Any preferred spots in the winter? I'm assuming deeper and more quiet sections?

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