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    Default Somerset carp venues

    I'm having a week in Somerset late June, I'm planning fishing the rivers and drains in the levels but as a plan b I was wondering if anyone can help with carp lakes which allow fly fishing? There are a lot of lakes in the area but all I rang last year don't allow fly fishing.

    Cheers Colin

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    Sorry about the duplicate post , can admin please delete one if they see this.

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    Default Re: Somerset carp venues

    Colin, ring Steve Long or Paul Greenwood at Viaduct and see if they can accommodate you as I have seen Alex Murray fishing with a bag of dog biscuits and fly rod on an evening a few years ago. If you can fish it, don't fish light as there are some big old lumps in there.

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    Cheers Dave I will try viaduct, not far from where we are staying.

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    Sutton Bingham!
    It is a trout fishery but is stuffed with carp (possibly not as stuffed as it once was but still plenty to go at). They don't sell carp tickets but nobody really minds if you go off piste on your trout ticket.
    The hotspot in summer is the causeway between the main body and the West Pond. The good people of Yeovil come here on sunny days to feed the ducks and consequently the carp patrol the edge of the concrete bank waiting for anything to hit the water. They are that tuned in and there is so much competition for the bread (both from other carp and avian) that they will even suck in bits of small gravel that go plop near them. Fishing off the causeway is not permitted but you can attack it from either end or better still a boat. Just drop your fly (pretty much anything will do but a white one might be best) on the front of any bow wave you see.

    You can also get them by stalking them with a nymph (I used to use a stick fly) around the margins if the water is high enough for them to get into the reeds and rushes. The very top end of the Halstock Arm can be good too and very few if any trout anglers venture up there these days.

    Really big fish seem to be no longer on the cards but there are plenty in the 3lb - 7lb range with a few bigger. My best bag (many years ago) was ten fish to 11lb drifting along the causeway casting at bow waves.
    Maxima (or Drennan Sub Surface Green) forever

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