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    Default Deer hair Comparaduns.

    CDC is doing my head in lately, it needs attention after a few casts, drying, treating, blowing then two casts later it needs doing again, so today Iíve been tying one of the hardier flies.
    The Deer hair Comparadun, floats like a cork, two air casts after a fish and itís back in action.
    Deer hair Comparaduns.-495499a5-7dd0-491e-95e3-2412f83c03c4-jpg
    Not the prettiest out there, but they work for me.
    Deer hair courtesy of Luke Troustalker.
    Hooks, D04BL HW #12/14. Whatever that means?
    Yellow and green Beaver dubbing Wapsi.
    Thread Yellow Wisp 8/0.
    Got Devondabbler Paul here next Tuesday, so hope they work.
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    Default Re: Deer hair Comparaduns.

    I'm like you Steven, CDC is a pretty material but just too much of a hassle at times. I've discovered that you can replace CDC with snowshoe hare in most patterns and although they won't be as pretty they fish as well and don't need nearly as much upkeep to continue floating.
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    Default Re: Deer hair Comparaduns.

    Bob Wyatt had a useful pattern similar to that, the DHE (Deer Hair Emerger) now in version 2.0 guise

    DHE 2.0 (Deer Hair Emerger 2.0) | Global FlyFisher

    Tied by the inimitable Hans Weilenmann no less, I think I've got one of his pike flies somewhere, awesome stuff!

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    Default Re: Deer hair Comparaduns.

    It’s a pain but sometimes nothing else will do. I use it on the flats of course, no point in inviting drowning I use it most in high summer/low water. Over time, using simular profiles in elk or deerhair, I reckon they take the fly just a little longer before spitting it out.. deffo a fly for the kitchen roll school of flyfishing. A quick blow up the ar$e and yer good for another three casts

    On snowshoe as an alternative; I’ve tried it but, it just looks scruffy. I’m no fan of the ‘immaculate creation’ school of flytying but it just looks too much of a mess for the effort. Just a very personal opinion. It’s a stunning floater and should obviously on mr trouts next order
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    Default Re: Deer hair Comparaduns.

    Nowt wrong with them steven, I had a large trout break off on sunday to the exact same fly in yellow.
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    Default Re: Deer hair Comparaduns.

    Look great to me but then I love deer hair. It’s worth knocking up a few dressed as Adams too

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