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    Default begining bass fishing

    what would be a good cheap rod for bass fishing for a starter in an estuary?and what tackle would be needed to go with it

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    Default Re: begining bass fishing

    I use a Shakespeare Agility rod which cost me only 30. Regarding a reel Greys do cassette ones for about 50 and they do the job. Whatever reel you get ALWAYS wash it in fresh water when finished. Line wise I use John Norris own make and they are fine. I also find a line tray very useful.

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    Default Re: begining bass fishing

    If you are really just going to fish in an estuary, and stick to relatively “normal” sized flies, then you could comfortably fish a fast 6- or 7-weight, 9 or 9 1/2ft rod: exactly the same as for a big reservoir. Normal reel (wash it after EVERY session), and an intermediate line one weight higher than the rod. 10lb nylon, and away you go: no need to make it complex, and you likely have that sort of rod already.

    The problems emerge if you ever move out from your estuary to surf beaches or rocky coastline. Then I would recommend anything from a 9-weight upwards: I normally fish a 9-weight or 10–weight on surf beaches unless it is flat calm, then I get the 6-weight out. (This does not happen often, but it’s fun when it does).

    As far as heavy rods are concerned, I fish these if I need to cast BIG and/or heavy flies: think 6” Clousers, which I need to get down in heavy surf. Or heavy lines: a 350-grain Orvis Depth Charge is my winter go-to.

    I had a lovely session lawn casting today and discovered that a cheap Maxcatch Skagit head made my 11-weight sing! This feels like my rod/line of choice for the next week or so in Pembrokeshire.

    As for flies, keep it simple: 3”-4” chartreuse and white Clousers on a 6-8ft leader. And a washing up bowl and bungee for a line tray: absolutely no need for the flash Orvis-types initially.

    This is a really simple branch of the sport: its finding the fish that is the hard bit!
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