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Thread: Rarities.

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    Not sure how rare this is but I've caught a few flounder 5 miles up the river on low water salmon doubles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by codyarrow View Post
    Not sure how rare this is but I've caught a few flounder 5 miles up the river on low water salmon doubles.
    I have heard of flounders being caught in the River Endrick. To get there, they have to swim up the River Leven, through Loch Lomond and up the Endrick. A guy had one on a soldier palmer in Loch Harray - to get there, they have to enter Loch Stenness and then go through into Harray! I have seen big shoals of tiny flounders, the size of a 2 p, in the River Tweed at Ladykirk.

    Like Jim, I have had 2 lb+ powan in Carron Valley Res, and dace in the Lake of Menteith...

    Not that swan mussels are rare, but I think catching one square between the lips on a yellow-tailed Kate muddler probably is...

    My bestest rarity was catching 2 sand smelts on traditional trout flies in Loch Oban nam Fiadh on North Uist...

    It's like a wee cross between a bass and a mullet.

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    +1 on the freshwater mussel.

    Thinking about it perhaps my most amazing catch was a kitchen sink on the leeds liverpool canal; although probably does not qualify as a gentlemen's catch as it was on a rapala with 50lb braid.

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    I was sea-fishing off the north coast of Scotland some years ago and managed to catch an auk. The poor bird must have dived down and thought the baited hook was an easy meal. Thankfully it wasn't hooked anywhere, merely tangled in the line, so I unravelled it and it flew off. Strangest catch-and-release session I've ever had!
    'Maybe your stature as a fly fisherman isn't determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed.' - John Gierach

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    Some years ago I caught a garfish when fishing for sea trout in a Shetland voe (sea inlet). It took a Red Soldier Palmer on my dropper. I think they are caught in the south of England but I have never heard of anyone else catching one on the fly so far north.

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    Should read Garfish. Sorry

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