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Thread: shark fins

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    By-catch with someone taking a punt, perhaps?

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    Smoothounds have a price anyway, not just their fins - the Dutch and Germans came over to Cardigan Bay and off Anglesey/ N Wales and long-lined for them, virtually wiping them out - and the Spurs (deep water species). Thankfully they are now making a comeback and spurdog fishing is good again off Anglesey, smoothounds come right into shallow water (less than 1 foot) hunting crabs and they will take kingrag. The crab moult seems them arrive in numbers.
    This is mindless and deliberate cruelty, hardly the work of regular commercial fishermen who would know their worth and land the whole fish.

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    There was a documentary on the TV a couple of years ago showing the problem in the far east, horrible it was, they just cut the fins and tail off live sharks and dumped them back in the sea to die, the rest of shark was worthless

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