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    Default Re: Tenkara (sort of) for coarse

    Good to see you found a technique that suits your fishing. From what I see, you often fish in urban surroundings, between or after work hours, so this quick setup is ideal for you. What I also see, and I don't want to be a spoilsport, is your hands being quite or totally dry when handling a fish. I can understand concrete banks can prevent you from getting near the water, but a simple bucket or a sponge on a string can provide you with the necessary water to wet your hands before you touch your catch. It's merely a suggestion and better for the fish. Enjoy your Tenkara.
    Johan Janssens

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    Default Re: Tenkara (sort of) for coarse

    Quote Originally Posted by speytime View Post
    They tapers are quite a bargain at roughly £1.50 per taper, the diameter of the butt 0.45 is much thinner than greys, diawa, leeda and maxcatch all of which imo have unnecessarily thick butt sections of 0.55/0.70, I'm going to give them a try.

    I take it you’ll let us know how you get on with them Al.
    I’d be interested if you don’t mind.
    Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught and the last river poisoned, will we realise, we cannot eat money.

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    Default Re: Tenkara (sort of) for coarse

    I sure will morayfisher, it might be after Xmas but I'm definitely going to order some.

    Cheers Al

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