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    Default Re: GUC Perch - desperate for a fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Skateboard Dave View Post
    Thanks B&S.
    That means a lot.

    I've always done things differently in my fishing and that has carried on into my fly fishing days. Unlike most fly fishermen I started off fishing for coarse fish not trout. I had fly fished for a several years before I caught a trout or ventured onto a trout reservoir. I'd caught a good few coarse fish species by then though.
    In the last 10 years I've only fished local (ish) coarse brooks & canals or the sea (29 sea species to the fly so far) all on fly only which isn't the usual for a fly fisherman.
    My aim has always been to see what could be caught and from where so I like to tick off species and venues.
    I think it all started long before I'd ever fly fished. As a fishing mad kid my favourite angling book, owned by my father, was one of the "How to Catch Them" series that Angling Times published in the 1960s - Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish. It had to be that book!
    I read that so many times and dreamt of one day being able to catch all the species they covered but with my own fly rod & flies.
    Fast forward 40 odd years and here I am doing my own thing.
    I hope you keep enjoying my posts - another coming tonight as I got out on a brook today! ;-)

    Nice to hear how you got into this fishing lark, it was reading your posts that incouraged me to try my hand at these course fish on a lovely litttle river local to me, only been twice, but i'm really enjoying the new challenge, if we ever get a nice settled bit of weather i aim to have more sessions.
    I'm at the stage of my life now where i enjoy catching all fish no matter what species or size, and your post were a big inspiration to get me thinking that way.

    Tight lines.

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    Default Re: GUC Perch - desperate for a fish

    Yesterday was my birthday and I was determined to catch a fish to celebrate.
    Everything was against it though.
    I'd been out for a hard morning training session with my daughter- 30 minutes of Kenyan Hills up Old John in Bradgate park. We were both well knackered!
    Then had to go and sort out a flat tyre, then shopping, cooking, out for a meal all of which left no time to fish. ;-(
    I had a plan though. ;-)
    There is a tyre place on the Aylestone road just 5mins walk from the Soar/ drop the car off and grab a few minutes fishing with the daughter in tow whilst the tyre is fixed.
    1st drop in below the lock gates I had a twitch. Next cast this tiddler:
    GUC Perch - desperate for a fish-birthday-fish-jpg
    A few more chucks with no action then my mobile went - the garage telling us our car was ready.
    I wish I could have stayed but at least I'd had my birthday fish, tiny as it was. ;-)
    It's not flyfishing if you're throwing bait in....learn to do it properlyHidden Content

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    Default Re: GUC Perch - desperate for a fish

    Great report, Dave. Been years since I've been online here. I still have your flies somewhere and the drawing of the step by step you sent me. Your still inspiring people. Well done.
    Instagram #epochflytying

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    Default Re: GUC Perch - desperate for a fish

    Hi all,
    Great thread and posts.
    I too have been inspired by the posts on this thread and others. Iíve joined my local club in Kent which has fishing on the rivers Medway, Rother and Eden and some lakes for some carp fishing in summer.
    I normally have to drive to Wales or Devon for my river fishing but have now decided to give myself a fresh challenge after years spent chasing trout and grayling.
    Iím hoping to get out next week after tying up some flies for my new adventure ..

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