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    Default try handlining

    I think i can safely assume the pike fly is being fished on a strong leader , say 15lb , then you always have the alternative of dropping the rod if you get a big un on and handlining the pike in , you can apply a lot more pressure without a rod !

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    As someone who is looking at pike fishing with access to both fly and 'pike' kit I'm learning a lot from this. Thanks chaps

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    Default Re: Guideline 'Pike Expert' Endorsing 7.wt Rods

    I realise this is an old thread but I felt compelled to comment. The weight on a fly rod is about the size of a fly is it not? I use a seven weight for my local canal to Chuck smallish flies for pike, never had a problem at all, I get the pike in and safely released without issue. Admittedly most of the pike are jacks so I completely agree with Matt Hayes about a seven weight for canal piking. These days itís very popular to fish ultra light lure rods for canal pike so what is wrong with taking a similar approach with the fly rod? If I was fishing big water with big flies then I would use a heavier weight but on the canal Iíll stick with my seven.

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