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    Quote Originally Posted by bill1 View Post
    It's going to be my birthday present to myself. I only have to decide on whether it will be the 25 hardback or the 795 leather bound deluxe edition. Decisions. Decisions.

    I do agree with you Caddis Fan about spiders needing some meat on them. 8 barbs is ridiculous. Eleven is the correct number.
    Happy birthday Bill You wont be disappointed its a good book. I took the peasant covered 25 one. I might have stretched to 650 but 795 a little too much for me. 11 barbs you say? dammit ill have to go cut a few off my flies now, i cant go presenting my over dressed monstrosities to those lovely brownies.

    26 day's to go

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    Lovely book, beautifully presented, heavyweight research and clearly written with pride. Not all the flies are Rob's , as far as i know, but some great pics there . Deffo one for the Spiders fans.
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    Default Re: The North Country Fly.

    It is indeed a lovely book, sometimes in the age of e-books it is easy to forget the pleasure that you can get just from the sheer weight and quality of a nicely made book. A very interesting tome , with nice photography and illustrations, I'm just browsing though it at the moment ( waiting for the boxing to start on ITV )

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    review moved to general fly fishing forum......
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    Default Re: The North Country Fly.

    What's happened to North Country Angler?

    His status appears to have changed to guest!

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    Just received a copy of this book for my birthday and at first glance I have to reinforce what others have said in that lokks to be a very comprehensive piece if writing on the subject of north country flies with some fantastic photos.

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    A good and informative read. I like it a lot.


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    Thank you for the kind words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest106 View Post
    Whilst sparse patterns have their day, I do like a bit of 'meat' to me spiders myself....and the fish don't seem to mind CF
    Fished spiders for over 40 plus years my to go style of fishing on Yorkshire rivers and I was taught to tie flies by my maths teacher, who insisted a minimum of 3 turns of the hackle.
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