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    Default "A Temporary Refuge, 14 Seasons with wild Summer Steelhead."

    Talk about a walk back in time with this book! Lee (Spencer) has nailed fishing the North Fork of the Umpqua River in Washington State. For me, the same time frame.

    Back then I didn't have a car so my transportation was a Lambereta Motor Scooter, but it got me where I needed to go .. even if a long trip beat the heck out of you. Camping gear in a back pack and a small cooler between my feet. Off I'd go for a few days. Lee was always there (months at a time) 'guarding' the water.

    What made this a great read for me is the writing centers on (for the most part) on one specific 'hole,' AKA the "Dinomite Hole.' Spelling intended. Hole got its name as local Loggers with toss in 'stick' of TNT and collect the stunned fish as they floated down stream.

    As a place to sit/watch collecting Steelhead this was 'The Place.' Closed waters so no fishing for a mile/more down stream so fish didn't have to concern themselves with people chucking gear. At that time this length of water was not 'fly only.'

    The change in Reg's was a game changer ... for the good. One of the local fishing clubs even set up a couple of park benches that over looked the water.

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