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    Default Excellent read - The Feather Thief

    'The Feather Thief', by KW Johnson, is so good I bought hardback copies for my mates.

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    Default Re: Excellent read - The Feather Thief

    Seconded, absolutely fascinating stuff. An intriguing deep dive into the arcane world of classic salmon fly tying, and the moral grey area it lives in.

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    Default Re: Excellent read - The Feather Thief

    Just booked it on the library van (yeah! , still have one .. just!) , so we’ll have a looksy when I get my mitts on it

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    Default Re: Excellent read - The Feather Thief

    Another from me.
    An excellent read.
    Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught and the last river poisoned, will we realise, we cannot eat money.

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    Default Re: Excellent read - The Feather Thief

    If you want to know who "Terry" is, drop me a p.m !

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