All the online info about Hazelcopse fishery is way out of date. I spoke to Wilf, the owner today. They no longer stock landlocked Salmon because his suppliers now refuse to supply him with fish. Many old online sites indicate he stocks salmon as well as trout. Apparently, the biggest caught there was in about 2014 and it weighed in at 42 pounds. He still stocks rainbows, Browns and also has some blues. I'm going there on Monday for a try out as I have been wanting to try some new places. They are getting some good fish on Buzzers and even dry fly too. Damsels taking but the fish prefer smaller sizes. about 14 or even a 16 hook would be best. The beauty of Hazelcopse is that once you max out on your ticket, you can fish catch and return for the rest of the day. I have often had days where I max out and pack up within 2 hours of getting to some waters. Though it is out of date as regards the Salmon and ticket prices. The address and phone number is still valid on this