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    Default Re: Stan Headley House Fire

    Stan should be getting a selection of half capes from ACW ,not a big deal as I cant see me using whole capes up.
    Andy Wren
    Still fishing but slowly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by weiliwen View Post
    It seems to me that there are quite a few a**holes who frequent this site. This thread wasn't for you to demonstrate how smart you are by denigrating this guy, it's to ask those who have some measure of sympathy (not you guys, obviously) to help him get back on his feet. I don't know this guy from Adam, never saw his posts before, but that doesn't matter. He's in a tough situation and could use help. So, help, sympathize, or please PLEASE! turn on your internal filters and just don't post examples of your self-righteousness to this thread.
    Bang on. If you post something that challenges someones long held beliefs they jump down your throat with both barrels blazing. But that is true of most internet forums. The remoteness of the trolls empowers them. Apart from an angry response online, which most of them are hoping for anyway, thats the limit of the reaction to them. Not one of them would say these kind of things face to face. This poor bloke doesnt need anyone to point this out even if most of do find it unusual that he wasnt insured. Thats called being a thoughtful, compassionate human being

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