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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Quote Originally Posted by Welshlynx View Post
    I am absolutely livid by how I have been treated by them at the options made available. I bought a HM3 back in 2006 and paid 250.00 for the rod and it was a pleasure and one of the big selling points was that it came with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. On the weekend the top section went when casting a di7 and although unhappy I thought it would simply be a case of taking it down to Svendsen sports in Cardiff.

    After being batted back and forth from where I purchased the rod from directly to Scierra, I explained the situation. However my options are shocking.

    Well we dont make that rod anymore so can't replace the section, fair enough I thought, even though it is a lifetime guarantee it covers wear and tear so your not covered. We will sell you another rod at a discount price?!?! The option on the rod was the cheaper model, despite stating that it was broken in use they basically said it is not covered so buy another one.

    Has anyone else come across this with them or have any advise? I always supported them but after this I will never purchase another item or recommend them to anyone else again.
    Legally, Scierra are on extremely thin ice here. if they offered an unconditional lifetime guarantee and your breakage was not due to an excluded event then they are bound. if you can show that the guarantee was one of the reasons you bought the rod, then there's misrepresentation from the manufacturer at point of sale. Fair enough,if the rod is obsolete they should replace like with like (you will be found unreasonable if you insist on an obsolete model) but the options they have given are unacceptable. They should replace the rod with the successor model, as Orvis have done for me in the past.

    Incidentally, i hate these lifetime guarantees, if i have a rod for 10 years and it snaps, i consider that good use. i think it's harsh on a manufacturer to be held to rights for a rod that may be decades old with decades of abuse, but the market demands it now and it'd be financial suicide to offer anything less.

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    I was the same with Greys ! I love the Streamflex range of rods & have every model they made , anywayout last month with my favourite model the 8' #4 " sweet little rod " . The rod has been well used over the past year but very well cared for " still like new" , after getting snagged I gave it the lightest of tugs & hey presto top section snapped . Thought I had nothing better to do than call Hardys " wrong" the worldwide warranty ain't worth the paper it's written on ! Had to dish out another 45 plus postage ! Where's the cover in that I'd have been better buying a new one .

    After this I'm gonna start looking elsewhere " other makes"


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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Just recieved my rod back from orvis with cork handle renewed , all it cost me was 4.40
    They did offer a new clearwater rod but declined as i do like the western 3
    "Skitt Fiske "

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    I would happily pay 25.00 for a new section, however this is how the conversation went,

    Them: "You see, you would normally pay 25.00 for the new section however we don't make that one anymorem so therefore you will need to pay for all the sections"
    Me: "So I have to pay the odds because you don't make the rod anymore"
    Them: "Essentially, yes"

    Where is the reasoning behind that, what a joke, I do not want anything for free, I was more than willing to pay the so called 'handling fee' and have always been aware of these when purchasing rods with this guarantee.

    I had an 'all american' diamond back and they didn't make the rod anymore, however they still custom made a piece and shipped it from America for 25.00!!

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Gents its riles me to hear of the customer service from some suppliers, over the years I have stuck with Orvis who have been absolutely fantastic with customer service as I have had rods exchanged without out any problems at all. I will always stick with them not just because I like there rods but because of there customer service.
    James Murray

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    They're selling gimmicks, most of 'em anyway, there are companies, like Orvis for example, who pride themselves on premium quality of product and outstanding customer care. The vast majority of companies know that slapping a lifetime warranty on a rod will sell more....its our fault, as consumers for being naive enough to think we can get a replacement no matter what. How do we prove the rod snapped because of a manufacturer fault? 99% of the time, we can't and they know that. What are we going to do?....sue these massive companies? Doubt it.

    If you read your small print, you'd probably realise, lifetime guarantees aren't what they say on the tin.

    I've never had a problem with guarantees etc. so I can't talk from experience but I'll bet there's a lot more people who've only had good experiences than those who've had bad.


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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    small claims court ?

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Had loads of hassle with Scierra when a rod snapped ,after about two months they sent me a Ferox which at the time were selling in GAC for about a quarter of the price I paid for the original rod. Funnily enough I got on really well with the ferox and it turned out to be very lucky for me.
    As for Scierra ,never again PJ.
    When you can see without being seen,strike without knowing why,and guess correctly where the best fish lie,they have taught you all they can.

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    Quote Originally Posted by dartmoor navigator View Post
    Send HM some fan mail and tell him what you think of the product that he endorsed.
    I think Hywel now works with Diawa.

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    Default Re: Disgusted by Scierra lifetime guarantee

    This is why I buy Orvis.
    Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

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