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    I ordered some hooks from Chris Eastwood at Lathkill Tackle yesterday lunchtime, and they arrived in the post this morning!!!
    Fantastic service, many thanks Chris - top man
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    Chris is a very nice chap running an efficient business. In my dealings with him he as always been prepared to go that extra mile to meet his customers' requirements.

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    I've bought from Lathkill 5 or 6 times in the last 5 years and found materials very good quality and prices reasonable. Lathkill hen capes were particularly good. Thanks Chris.

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    Lathkill are great. Excellent variety, good prices and great service.

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    Quite agree. Chris is a top man.

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    Another thumbs up for Lathkill. Courteous, efficient and good prices!!

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    Another set of full marks for Lathkill. My orders are usually only small, sometimes I wish I needed/could buy more from Him.

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    I just put my first order in on Friday. It was here on Saturday. It was missing one item out of several. I emailed to ask if they could be put to one side and kept til my next order. He wouldn't hear of it; the missing item (daddy legs) were put n the post and arrived today. Brilliant service, great quality and decent prices. He's got a new regular now.

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