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    Default Thank you Snowbee

    Thanks where it's deserved to Snowbee for prompt service replacing a section for my Prestige 9ft 3wt that broke last Saturday, although it's a discontinued model and I bought it second hand, they had the section and only charged me £25, it arrived today.

    Top service well done👍

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    Default Re: Thank you Snowbee

    Not bad at all, glad to hear it.
    You'd have never been the same again.
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    Default Re: Thank you Snowbee

    I'm pretty impressed with Snowbee kit. A few seasons ago I was in John Norris's, on way up to Scotland, and was determined to treat myself to a nice small reel. All they had that fitted my criteria was a Snowbee Stealth. I was a bit dubious but got it all the same. turns out it's a great little reel, very smooth, doesn't click and has drag control, which I like. Loads better than the Hardy lightweight which it superseded. Also just bought a windproof/waterproof sweater of theirs which has now had a few outings and apart from being a little tight in the sleeve is a good garment which, as far as the wind is concerned anyway, does what it says on the tin. Also got a wading jacket of theirs which does the job. BTW I haven't any interest in Snowbee, financial or otherwise.

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    Default Re: Thank you Snowbee

    Bought a prestige myself (9'6 #3) as my go-to river rod a while back, mainly because of the advertised replacement service. Glad to hear it works as planned!
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