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    Default Fly tying Vice advice

    Looking at upgrading my fly tying vice and wondered if people could give me some advice on what to get. Iv currently got an old fly tying vice (it was my grandads) but think it was a very cheap one even at the time. I find it a bit bulky and hard to rotate the fly. Looking at spending about 150. Any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Fly tying Vice advice

    I really like my Anvil Apex vice......costs about 130 and does everything I need it to very well!

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    Default Re: Fly tying Vice advice

    For what it's worth, I think the Danvise is superb!

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    Default Re: Fly tying Vice advice

    Decent second hand HMH Spartan if you can find one. The main reason that I like these is that there's plenty of room to move around without the vice getting in the way.

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    Default Re: Fly tying Vice advice

    I've lost count of the number of people on here that recommend Atlas vises, almost as many as have had to replace the jaws at some time or other. As they are made from relatively poor grade steel. Yes the makers & sometimes importers wil supply free replacements, but if you want to BUY them, they work out around 56.odd + p & p. Buy a DynaKing (Kingfisher) & enjoy LONG-TERM, without any problems.

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    Default Re: Fly tying Vice advice

    If its fifty quid yer spending and need a clamp rather than pedestal vice. Id go for the Danvise. The jaws and clamping is superb. Its a genuine true rotary vice but some of the adjusting screws are suspect if you use them too much. Can be sorted with Araldite but worth mentioning. It comes in plastic Matt black. The material is superb but it does look cheap.
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