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    Default Scierra surge #6/#7

    Been lurking on here for a while now so probably time to start asking some questions. (most will probably be stupid, please dont hold it against me. &#128513
    Does anyone have or used the scierra surge in either a #6 or #7?
    What do you think of them?
    Im fairly new to this and am looking for a rod for still waters, carp and a variety of saltwater species.
    I realise you cant get a rod which will be perfect for all but need to start somewhere.
    Any reviews or experiences appreciated as are any other ideas on rods to look at.

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    Default Re: Scierra surge #6/#7

    They seem an expensive rod, but the best thing to do is cast one,
    you will never know if a rod suits your way of casting unless you
    try it, its too much money to spend to find out you and the rod don't
    get on, then what do you do, it could be too stiff for your liking, or too soft,
    too heavy in hand, too heavy a swing weight, too tip heavy, am quite sure
    the rod will adequately throw a line and land fish, but in who's hands is another story.

    I recently bought two rods, based only on what I see of them on video and what others
    say, but they were not that expensive, and I could return them if I need to,
    I only bought on-line as no one in my area stocks the brand, so I had little choice.

    You might also look into warranty, is the company difficult to deal with when
    something goes wrong, how much do they charge for processing a claim,
    do they cover postage, are others having difficulty with warranty claims,
    these things are important too.
    look up what carp fly fishers are using regarding weight of line,
    I would imagine any rod that would handle carp would handle
    sea trout, bass, even salmon, 6 to 8 wt would be fine, but this brings
    us back to the try before you buy scenario, as a stiff rod might be better suited to
    a heavier line than it is intended for, or it could go the other way it is a soft action rod.

    Either way, hope you get the rod that suits.
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    Default Re: Scierra surge #6/#7

    Have a look and try of the Scierra srx v2 before you try the Surge.Excellent rod for the price.

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    Post Re: Scierra surge #6/#7

    Thanks of the replys on this and i guess i already knew going and having a wiggle of a few before parting with any cash would be the best way!

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    Default Re: Scierra surge #6/#7

    Quote Originally Posted by atr View Post
    Have a look and try of the Scierra srx v2 before you try the Surge.Excellent rod for the price.
    I’ll second that,srx v2 is a great rod for the money.

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