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    Default Hardy Fishing Customer Service

    I bought a new Hardy Cascapedia fly reel at the start of last year which I have really enjoyed using. During the year, I needed to tighten the central screw which holds the s shaped handle to the body of the reel and stupidly used a kitchen knife to do this. The screw tightened no problem, but unfortunately I managed to damage the head of the screw. Entirely my own fault and not a defect of the reel.

    I visited the Hardy Store at Alnwick today and took the reel with me so as I can get a price for replacing the damaged screw. The gentleman serving me took the reel into the workshop at the back of the store. Ten minutes later he brought the reel back, repaired with a new screw. The cost was no charge to me. Whilst it was only a single screw, Hardy could have charged me and I would have paid it.

    Its rare you get anything done for nothing these days so fair play to Hardys!
    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: Hardy Fishing Customer Service

    Excellent, their customer service needed improving :-)

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    That's funny

    I bought a new Cascapedia in Ireland last June and within a few hours of use I noticed that the handle was almost falling off. With all of the emphasis they place on hand building, such as putting the engineer's name on the reel, you wouldn't expect it.

    I've also had great service from the chaps in Hardy's

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    Had the same problem with an Orvis Battenskill. Kn*b fell off while playing a fish. Orvis apologised and sent a new one and a screw along with a tube of locktite and instructions to glue it on. Have since done the same with all my reels.

    Take care

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