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    Default Vision Vector Wading Jacket

    Well after lots of searching and considering lots of advice I ordered a Vision Vector which has just arrived.

    At first impression itís excellent!

    The material is very similar to that used on my Ikon waders and so should be pretty tough. Other than colour, itís also very similar to my kayaking cag which makes me hopeful thatís its breathability and water proofing will prove up to the job.

    The pockets are also big enough to take my tube fly box comfortably which is 8Ē x 6Ē x 1Ē.

    The hood fits and adjusts well as does the waist cord and the XL size is baggy enough to allow for winter layering without feeling like wearing a bin bag!

    If thereís any gripe itís that the inner neoprene cuffs are a wee bit awkward to adjust. A pretty minor thing.

    Other than that Iím very happy with it

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    Default Re: Vision Vector Wading Jacket

    I have the same jacket for a while now excellent piece of kit great in heavy rain bone dry.

    in school you are taught a lesson then given a test,in life you are given a test then taught a lesson!
    In school you are taught a lesson.Then given a test,
    In life you are given a test, Then are taught a lesson!

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