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    Default GT90 or Mallard?

    Hi everyone

    I know this site is a big fan of Barrio lines so I'm going to order one and give them ago.

    Just cant decide between the GT90 or Mallard.

    Most of my fishing is on a large still water fishing a WF6 on a 9'6'' rod with either buzzers, nymphs, hoppers and dries.

    Its a windy lake (still cant figure out how it can be totally still at home and blowing a hooley at the lake)

    I'm no expert at casting but not bad either.

    My last couple of lines have been Snowbee XS

    Just wondered what your thoughts were?


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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    The mallard is my Favourite, it is more alike the snowbee xs than the gt90 but I know others like the gt90.

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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    I'd go for the GT90 - a bit more control at distance perhaps, but easy to roll cast short. I use a 6 wt GT90 for still water and it's a v good line.

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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    I have both and fish both, it all depends on the conditions as to which I choose on any particular day but if it was a choice of one or the other I would choose the GT90.
    Personal opinions are subjective but I feel the GT90 loads the rod a little sooner, is less affected by the wind, and I find it perfect for quickly targeting individual cruising fish where false casting has to be kept to an absolute minimum. Roll cast into the air and shoot.
    The Mallard gives a slightly "softer" presentation for nymph fishing IMO.
    Both are very good, nice handling lines.
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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    Thanks, I'll give the GT90 ago, in part the GT90 stock came in yesterday and it could be a while before there are any more mallard.

    Looking forward to trying them out!

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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    GT 90 will load rod easier..

    O M W

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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    What amazing service from Mike at Barrio Lines. Emailed him to find out when new stock would arrive and he replied straight away. I ordered the fly line (GT90) and it was shipped just a few hour later arriving the next morning.

    Looks a feels great, just need the easterly winds to drop now so I can get it wet!

    Thanks for you help!

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    Default Re: GT90 or Mallard?

    I have a GT90 #8F for sea trout fishing, a Mallard ST#8 for same & a DT#5F Mallard for my dry fly & spider work for the brownies. All a delight to use. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your purchase. Great guy & wonderful to deal with.
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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