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    Hi all,

    So I've had a pair of Simms G3 guide waders for 11 years, i have probably worn them between 60 and 100 days each year and so far no problems at all, surprising as i really haven't looked after them. I also had some Simms wading boots for the same period of time and the soles have eventually split and i replaced, the wading boots with another pair of Simms boots last week. Now whilst my waders are still ok I'm think I should buy a new pair. Everything i'm reading says the Simms aren't as good as they were, is that true?? I Due to a serious illness i'm not in the same financial position that i used to be and really can't afford to spend too much. Also, when i bought my waders I was living in the USA, i'm now back in the UK.

    So the question is, are Simms as good as they ever were?? If they are should i just bite the bullet and finance a new pair of them, at 849? I really did fancy a pair with a front Zip, which would mean going to the G4. How are Hodgeman, can the be recommended?? What about the Vision Ikon 2.0 with the zip, or even Patagonia??

    I would really appreciate everyones thoughts and thanks in advance.

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    I have a pair of Patagonia Rio Gallegos (not zip front), had them a few years now and sealed a leak (dampness) in a shin area (puncture). Tough waders that I wear Spring/Autumn. Winter I wear Hodgman Aesis Zip front with their inner core. Again tough waders and so far no problem. The Hodgman I got through Amazon Global at a knock down prise. I have had several pairs of Vision Ikon, had to do several leaks, not as tough as the Patagonia or Hodgman.
    It's well worth looking for special offers, usually great if you are an odd size, I'm not.
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    I have had many waders over the years and my Orvis Sonic's have probably been the best. Had them about 5 yrs with 100 or so outings each season and, so far, leak free. Orvis often have sales and discounts and these can be picked up for just over 200 when these occur

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    My recent shopping experiences is experience is that Simms gear is as good as ever , have been using Simms gear for many many years with great satisfaction.
    Tried some Patagonia zip fronts a couple of years back and used up a tube of aquasure sealing up leaky seams.
    within the first year . Materials seem good and tough though, maybe it was just bad luck !

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