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Just got one from amazon it cost less than 10. It does a job. I agree it is supple, you can't notice much difference in castability. If it works for you go with it. For me I can't be bothered risking it to save a few quid.

I tried a 7 weight again from amazon, again it cast really nice. As good or better than so called high end lines.

Honestly if I was stillwater fishing it would be fine. But it definatelt had a tendenency to sink in faster water compared to my 444.

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Do you think I should try another one. Maybe I got a dud and in the off season it might be worth a blast.
Hi Mrwayne I wasn't doubting your experience with maxcatch I've got a couple of there sink lines they work and cast fine but they aren't premium quality lines.
I was wondering if it was a gold line you were referring to, green head section with a yellow running line?

Cheers Al