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Thread: Old Master

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    Default Old Master

    Incidentally, just a tip from an average fisher ............the above fly is deadly .....even for that sedge hatch I mentioned in my last post .

    Its a NC Spider - I have run out of materials for it but they are on order, believe me ...........

    Anyone ever used it ? Pure class ............

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    Have just googled it and found an excellent picture by that man Hans again.
    Excellent site Hans.

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    Cheers Dom....I would recommend any lake fisher to try this from May on wards. Stupidly, I havent even though it worked well last year but hope to address this when my man from Cookshill sends the goodies.

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    I tie the Old Master using genuine heron herl rather than Rock Dove - it's lighter in colour but darkens slightly when wet - seems to be more robust than Dove. Take a look ...

    As you rightly say, it's an excellent pattern for pale sedges and even pale wateries. The pattern appears in Pritt's book of 1885 but probably dates back even earlier!

    Kind regards

    Spiders Plus.
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    Cheers Phil

    It is indeed a great fly but little known. I gave my last one away to a fellow struggling last time I was at the lake. Dont know why I bothered but I was trying to sread the Spider word.

    He put on a F*****g booby instead

    ( and was catching nothing at the time I left ..........!! )

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