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    Default Olive bodied Pennel

    Had wee go at some wets tonight. I went for the traditional pennel pattern but switched the black body for an olive thread. All hints,tips on how to tie some better wets and positive criticism would be great. Cheers

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    Default Re: Olive bodied Pennel

    Proper fly tyers will be along in a minute and probably tell you that the head is too big and tied too far back, the hackle may have a little too many turns and the tail a bit too long....

    But I bet they catch as many fish as the fly porn that graces the pages of bottom shelf magazines

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    Default Re: Olive bodied Pennel

    Go for a shorter slimmer tail CT and a slightly longer body, less turns and a little smaller hackle with webby fibres (hen) and a smaller head, but as tangled said they will catch fish mate. Especially the harlaw bows
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    Default Re: Olive bodied Pennel

    I agree with everyone else said; they'll catch just fine.

    One thing you might consider to get the head the right size is to start the thread where you want the head to end (i.e. the back of the head). Use that as a reference, wind the hackle all the way to where the hook is bare and then finish.

    One other slight nit to pick is that the tail on one of the flies is on the side, rather than the top of the hook. It's one more thing to look out for if you want pretty flies rather than just functional.

    I like the colour combination; it's a nice effect.
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    Default Re: Olive bodied Pennel

    Yes they will definitely catch you fish, I agree the tails might need to be slimmer & the bodies slightly longer so that the hackles are closer to the eye of the hook, which in turn will give you a smaller head when you come to the whip-finish.
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