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    I'm looking for a spent spinner dry fly I believe I saw on the FFF. It uses a dry fly hook with a turned up eye. Stripped peacock herl for the body. Brown(?) hackle for the tail, and the wings are cut from a hackle feather using a wing cutter. There is brown(?) hackle tied in front near the hook eye, and then the bottom of the hackle is trimmed away. Anyone seen a fly like this?

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    Ah ha! I found it. It was called a Lunn's Particular. Great looking dry fly.

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    If anyone has tied a Lunn's Particular I would like to know what size hook is preferred, and the type. The YouTube presentation of tying the fly doesn't tell what hook is used or the size. It has a turned up eye, and is this preferred over a straight or turned down eye? Thanks.

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    You may find the article below interesting . . .

    Mick Lunn, river keeper - obituary - Telegraph

    Here's the dressing from Donald Overfield's '50 Favourite Dry Flies.' It was usually tied on a 14 or 15, sneck bend up eyed hook.

    Lunns Particular by dunstan.paul.t21, on Flickr

    This is another Lunn fly, the Yellow Boy and it shows the sort of hook he tied on . . .

    image-13 by dunstan.paul.t21, on Flickr
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    taterdu: Thanks ever so much for the info about the Lunn family, and the formulae for the Lunn Particular. The Test seems to be quite a river, but man's greed seems to be pushing it towards an early demise. We have the same problem in Arkansas here in the states with our one time pristine Buffalo River, a great Smallmouth fishery. It seems the influential politico have turned their heads and allowed a pig farm to be built on the banks of the river. They say the pig waste will not effect the river, but if that's true then I plan on buying Buckingham Palace for six pence. Happy fishing and thanks again.

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