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Thread: rooster saddle

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    Where in the uk is the best place to buy a dry fky rooster saddle?

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    Lathkill or Lakeland easker1

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    Or maybe Chevron. COCK SADDLES | Chevron Hackles
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    Lakeland rooster saddle

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    my last cape(S) purchase was from Funky at the London Fly fair, theres also the BFFI up in somewhere up north ,where you will see more stonkin capes than you can imagine .
    Even todays genetic capes come from living breathing creatures that all have minor differences,so it well worth seeing in the flesh.
    other fly fairs are available ,I just cant afford to go ,because they can seriously damage ones financial health.
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    Canít remember if funky or Lakeland but if you want a range of types you can get half capes selection packs. Still loads of feathers on them.

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    Castlefeathers on ebay, is always worth a look.

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    I've found good quality dry fly saddles in popular colours hard to find in the UK at present. So I bought a couple of neck capes from Lakeland. I found the quality very good - nice colours, thin stems, feathers #14-#16 about 5" long and very little taper. They also have half necks if you want to keep the costs down. Hope this helps.

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    I have a Whiting Bronze grade dun grizzly cape from Nigel at Lakeland that has loads of #12 - 18 hackle that is almost as long as a saddle (some up to 25cm long) with very little taper, as Euler49 states. There isn't as many feathers that size as on a saddle, but it will tie a good number of dry flies from #26 all the way down to #10.
    As ACW says, get your self over to one of the fly tying fairs - BFFI at Staffordshire County Show Ground is on in February (10th & 11th) - and have a good sort through the saddles and capes on the trade stands. Oh and don't forget to set your self a strict budget - hackle can seriously damage the health of ones wallet!
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