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    I've just had a quick google around to see what others do. Hans Weilenman, Davie McPhail, Lucian Vasies, Oliver Edwards, Marcelo Morales, Ed Engle, A K Best, Marc Petijean, Barry Ord Clark all tie with the point exposed. I can't find a 'name' that ties with the hook point obscured by the vice.


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    There is a correct, and incorrect way of placing a hook in a vice, depending on the manufacturers instructions. Some manufacturers like Dyna King even machine slots in their jaws to accommodate the hook bend. This video is worth a look too

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    I learnt to ty flies with the point covered although at the time lots of people said this promoted breaks in the hook (never got that, would much prefer the hook to break in the vice than in the trout) however I now tie with the minimum of the hook gripped (anvil atlas vice). personally I think a lot of it is linked to the vice you started with, I used a vice like this when I started but with more rounded jaws

    Super AA Fly Tying Vice | Sportfish Fly Tying Vices | Sportfish

    The vice I had couldn't really grip the hook securely unless the whole bend was inside the jaws.

    I'm not quite sure why I moved to griping the hook by just the bend however I now certainly prefer it. I don't really have an issue with the thread snagging etc as when I'm winding my thumb is on the hook point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by themind View Post
    personally I think a lot of it is linked to the vice you started with

    The vice I had couldn't really grip the hook securely unless the whole bend was inside the jaws

    I think this is the issue in a nutshell, some vices are badly designed' and despite people liking them, it's only because they haven't tried something better.
    I used a Veniard vice for 20 years, then made my own, even that had drawbacks because I just copied other designs.
    These last couple of years I've been experimenting with different designs and I think I'm getting close to MY perfect vice, in all probability it wouldn't suit other people because of the size and type of flies they tie and how they tie them.
    Raises the point, if you need different outfits for fishing different places surely you would need different vices/jaws for different types of fly. A size 4 streamer would be inappropriate in a vice designed for size 20 hooks (exaggeration but you get my point). Also how hard the jaws are will determine the amount of pressure needed to grip a particular hook securely without overly stressing it.

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