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Thread: Cholla Caddis

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    Playing around with the sharpie feathers gave me an idea for a Jingler Elk Hair variant. Change color/size to suit your needs; partridge or a host of other feathers could be used, as well.

    hook - Dai Riki 300 #10
    thread - UTC 140 tan
    rib - x-small wire copper
    body - Ice Dub hare's ear
    body hackle - grizzly (undersize by 1)
    wing - deer hair
    shoulder hackle - sharptail grouse
    front hackle - grizzly
    head - 1mm foam tan


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    Could see that being flung into the roughest of streams and being really effective. Very nice

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    Like that a lot

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    From painful memory I get why you call it that!
    20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please God, don't take Kevin Bacon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermontdrifter View Post
    From painful memory I get why you call it that!
    My sympathies; I’ve had a few run-ins myself.


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    I clocked something very similar to that on another website, minus the foam & a pearl Uni mylar body, Simple Shrimp or such like. Very effective for sea run browns on the Baltic.
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    Have you got a picture from the underside of it

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