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    Quote Originally Posted by rabmax View Post
    Kingf000.Have you ever tried Jonathan Barnes black magic nymph.Probably my best trout & grayling fly everywhere i fish. It's hardly ever off my leader.

    In size 18 or 20 it's hard to beat.I tie them with or without tags fire orange'chartreuse'pink tags.Silver tungsten bead in off colour water can be handy.Once e get into October i use shrimps & caddis patterns more.
    No, I haven't tried it. Yours looks quite a lot different from the Jonathan Barnes You Tube video, which had a CDC tail, black uv dubbed body with black peacock thorax and CDC 'spider' hackle, the shape being much more conical on a size 16 jig hook. It says it is a good pocket water nymph?

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    Default Re: ginger tom nymph

    Why did he use ginger in the original??
    Any old brown will catch.

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