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    Default Capes, dubbings, micro saddle hackles, hooks - bulk lot

    A bulk lot of materials.

    Ive been working my way through a chest full to the brim with excess materials I shall never use up. I used to tie thousands for a couple small tackle shops & newsagents, so have far too much excess that will never get used!
    I will list everything here as part used

    Prefer to sell as lot as I dont have much time in the weeks to get to a post office to post individual items.
    If there is something in particular you may be after, I have all sorts from chadwicks yarns for salmon flies, 477, & genetic cock capes etc etc.
    When I have time I will put some more batches together

    Picking my way through all loose item first
    Here is batch 1 (probably a tenth of what there may be! ) as best as I can list it:
    There will be other lucky dip items thrown in with each lot as i have a shoe box full of tid bits including odd flies & boxes that are pointlessly going to waste

    80 posted, send an offer if you think that is too much!

    * 4 X CHINESE COCK CAPES - grade A
    1 Dyed Dk Olive & 3 mix Red Game?

    * 24 x Assorted trout fly dubblings
    Mostly Hends brand musk rat & Hare & Wapsi super fine

    * 1 x Collins Hackle , this one is what I used to call Champagne dun, im not sure youd call it the same?

    * 2 x Bulk bags Wild Mallard CDC from cooks hill

    * 1 Doz Mixed Whiting saddle hackles small sizes #16 & smaller.

    * 3 Hanks Whiting micro saddle hackle
    . 15 x #18-#24 - dk dun
    . 26 x #18-#20 - Med/Lt Dun?
    . 25 x #18-#20 - Furnace Lt?

    * Coq Du Leon *Pardo* - must have been a full sadldle at some point.

    * A random assortmet of Hooks.
    * Fulling mill living larva hooks
    (in the little white card board box is the same pattern stuffed full, maybe #18's, nice and light hooks)
    * 2 boxes mixed trout
    * 1 box what looks like mixed tiemco midge hooks teeny tiny #30's and saller!!
    * 3 x climax 1 x #18 nypmh hooks
    * Tid bits from hebert miner cock capes - dk dun & grizzle
    * Some copper & gold wire
    * Some deer hair
    * 2 x gold bead dispensers with gold beads
    an envelove containing some red cock feathers addressed to recipient with a label typed on a typewiter! like in the good old days! and any other bitss as pictured

    80 posted send an offer
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