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    Default Fly tying bits and pieces

    Looking to get rid of a few bits and bobs I don’t need. Pay pal only. First to pm for each gets it. Pics by request.

    The following are new

    Keough Grade 1 black hen cape SOLD

    Whiting Silver Grade American Hen Saddle Golden olive with black edges 6 NB these feathers are very large and would only be suitable for big mayflies or something similar.

    Whiting Bronze grade Coq De Leon Rooster Saddle – Pardo dyed orange 6 (Basically an orange badger saddle but again the feathers are very large and would only suit saltwater or pike flies)

    Whiting Silver Grade Spey Hackle Orange 5 (No idea what these capes are used for, each hackle is extremely long (up to 6 inches) and very sparse)

    Whiting coq de leon retail grade Hen Saddle Brown Speckled 5 (Decent substitute for partridge type hackles but again they are very large.

    This has been lightly used

    Spirit River travellers dubbing dispenser Squirrel Blend 12 colours, dubbing has quite a synthetic look to it. 5

    FREEBIES – first to pm gets a single lot

    1. 3 packs straggle chenille and goat hair

    2. Some hooks inc daichi size 20 dry

    3. Assorted tinsel/thread
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    bonnie scotland

    Smile tying materials

    hiya mate

    you have a pm.



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    all freebies now gone.

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