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    Default Electro Static Buzzer

    Plagarism Mark II? Not this time!

    This is a buzzer designed to work in the top layers during a rise. The benefit of the electrostatic film is that is becomes translucent and forms it's own rib during the tying eliminating the need for wire and also making the buzzer much slimmer.

    Assuming that most viewing this are right handed tyers then we will proceed -

    Materials -

    Hook - Kamasan B100 size 12 or 14 (see note)
    Thread - Black UTC
    Body - strip cut from electrostatic envelope / bag
    Breathers - split natural CDC puff

    Preparing the electrostatic material is easy - lay out on thick card and trim away the seam from the side leaving the bag open. Depending on the size of hook you will have to cut strips accordingly.
    NOTE - I have found that for size 12s, 2mm maximum and for size 14s you have to reduce this to 1,5mm.
    Make sure that the cutting blade that you use is new as a blunt one will rag the edges of the film. Cut parallel strips of the width desired by placing a ruler over the bag and maintaining pressure on it as you cut. One strip from a 5" bag is enough for about 6 to 8 flies size 12.

    Wind on your thread in tight touching turns until you reach the bend area

    Prepare your strip of electrostatic film by cutting at an angle and tie in with long side down as shown, this eliminates bulk at the tail end

    Return the thread back up the body again with tight touching turns

    Wind the film up the body in turns that just overlap to produce the rib effect required

    Complete the body to the eye of the hook - you are not going to finish the fly here

    Prepare your CDC puff - the one at the right is too big, the other next to it is fine, split the fibres equally and then tear it in two

    Tie in the CDC breathers directly behind the hook eye securing well

    Form the head with your thread trying to achieve a ball shape

    I think that whip finishing by hand is better as you can control the positioning of the thread much easier and then varnish with SHHAN or black cellire

    Once dry, pinch the breather fibres to the required length

    The almost finished article showing the rib effect from the film

    Fishing the buzzers as a pair suspended beneath an indicator fly with the first at 6" below and the second at 18" below the indicator. Fish them into the wind to allow the indicator to drift towards you and keep your line under control.

    To see how effective looking these are, drop one into a glass of water and look at the body colouration - as near to the real thing as possible.

    Here is a version tied as an indicator on a size 10 circle hook with a shocking pink spanflex collar

    JonTT - I have loads of these bags, as I work in the industry.

    Pm me with your address if you want one.

    Is the cats whisker the dogs bollox?
    Remember and include a SAE as the man is not rich and the price of stamps have gone up as well!
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    Hi ,

    Ive tied a few using the electrostatic bags in size 16 in a blakestone style with an olive underslung wing bud . They really look the biz , when you look at a real buzzer when its about to hatch there is an air pocket between the shuck and the emerging gnat and its the closes ive seen to the real thing at this stage of the insects life . Its a good patern you've discovered and i cant wait to try the ones ive made on tuesday . Look out mr. trout

    tight lines ....

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    you will need to post a pic of your buzzer, sounds good. I was out with the ESB yesterday but was hard going and only hooked 1 with it but another 3 on size 16 black and green buzzers.

    "Sod it! I am going out to sink a klink!" Hidden Content

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    Hi ,
    I will have to get a macro lense for my camera before i can take a tidy picture . I just tried and the picture looks like my vision after a saturday night out iam going to give them a try on tuesday . I will let you know how i get on ok .



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    Hi Darren,

    You say that you will have to get a "good macro lense" for your camera.......... It sounds like it must be an s.l.r. If so there are loads of ways that you can do this sort of thing without spending a fortune on a macro lense.

    If you let us know what camera body and lense(s) you already have then we can hopefully get you "sorted" for less than 20. Rather than well over 200!

    The differences will be virtually unnoticeable.


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    Hi arkle ,

    I just have a normal digital camera a canon a95 . Ive got a 52mm adaptor which will take just about anything . Ive been looking at some macro lenses and found some for around 15 so thanks for the offer anyway.



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    Hi Roddy ,

    Fished my local reservoir today which was quite difficult. The wind was blowing all shapes when ever i moved it seemed to change direction and i would have it head on again luckily i seen a fish rise to my left in a sheltered bay i crept over and cast on my knees to where he had rose not far from a tree .... third cast and he was in the net not a big fish but a fit 1.5 lber . I had a cinnamon sedge dry fly on the point and one of the electrostatic buzzers on the first dropper , you guessed it it was on the buzzer after 12pm the sun really came out and my face looks like ive done the marathon, this sent the fish off feeding for the rest of the day until around 4pm when i hooked another but it got off when at the net needless to say it was on the buzzer again. The flies deffinately do the trick and i will be knocking a few more up for when i go out next .

    tight lines


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