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    Default Hare's Lug and Plover

    As I was tying a few of these up I thought I'd do a sbs.

    Hook: #14 Kamasan B170
    Thread: Primrose Pearsall's Silk
    Hackle: Golden Plover (I've used a back feather here)
    Dubbing: Hare's ear

    Size a feather and pull back the fibres from the tip, hold the tip on top of the hook and start the thread and tie in feather at the same time.

    Trim waste and run thread to where YOU want the body to end, I never go past the point.

    Wax the thread and touch dub with the hare's ear, wrap to the hackle.

    Wind on how many turns takes your fancy, I like mine sparse so they get between 1 and 2 turns, depends on how hairy the feather is (this got 2 turns). Don't build a head just tie off and whip finish.

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    Cheers Tango, a lethal fly on Stillwater on its day . good to see it tied so well.

    I like the idea re not building a head as it can be messy with that thick Pearsalls thread and varnish ...........
    Irish by birth, Munster by the grace of God.

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