Here is a varient of the fuzzy dog made with fritz instead of chenille hence the name the Fritz Dog.

The Dressing
Hook: size 10 lure hook drennan
Thread: flu green 6/0
Tail: flu green marabou/gold tinsel(optional)
Body: uv phos yellow fritz
Eyes: silver bead chain 3mm

1. Start the tying thread just behind the eye of the hook.

2. Whip a 3mm bead chain eye onto the thread .

3. Then whip onto the hook shank as normal securing with a couple of figure of eight turns, touch on a little Hanson N as a little extra security.

4. Take a small amount of marabou and trim the ends square then pull away the 'fluff' from the base of the fibers (this creates a more even body): catch in behind the eyes and whip along the shank till you reach the bend to a point opposite the barb. Catch in a few strands of tinsel if you wish at this stage.

5. Take a small length of the fritz and prepare by exposing the core (again this creates an even body): catch in at the tail and whip the thread along the shank stopping at the eyes,

6. Then wind the fritz in tight even turns along the shank towards the eyes.

7. Secure the fritz in place with a few tight turns of thread and then whip a small head between the bead eyes and the eye of the hook,
finish with a few half hitches or a whip finish.

8. Trim the tinsel on the tail(if used), pinch the tail marabou to desired length and the fly is done.