Looks a bit like a hackled version of the Alder, an old winged wet. Among other things

Works well though


Hook : As you like, I’ve used a Tiemco 200R # 16 here
Thread: Brown Danville’s Flymaster 6/0
Body : 3 strands Peacock herl ( this can vary with size of hook etc.), twisted with one of Olive Lure flash “Twinkle”
Hackle: Well marked Red Grouse back or rump feather


1. Tie in thread, , pass to rear and back once.

2. Catch in 3 strands of herl (by tips) and twinkle( note - trim off the fine tips, say the last 4 cm - it just snaps when you try to twist it.

3 Carry the herl and twinkle to the rear, atop the hook shank.

4. Take the thread back up to the eye-end

5 Lock the tips of the herl and twinkle in your hackle pliers
Twist the herl and twinkle into a rope (clockwise if looking to the floor) - just try to get a nice chenille effect for a working length of , say 4cm i.e. don’t try to spin up a dense cord all the way to your fingertips.

6. Wind the cord up the body in butting turns . You may have to impart further twist into the cord as
you go to achieve an even effect. Tie off.

7. Catch in a prepared hackle.

8. Sweep back the hackle fibres, then wind them on, three to four turns,or according to taste.

9. Whip finish

Job done.

I vary the proportions and hook choice quite a bit:

Lightly weighted version ( a caddis larva, perhaps)

Bead-head version ( ascending caddis pupa)