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Thread: The Front End

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    Default The Front End

    The front end of the Mohican May. Assumes right handed tyer.

    Tying thread of choice
    Deer hair of choice
    Hackle of choice
    Wide gape short shanked hook, I've straightened a B100 here.

    Body HERE

    Place hook in vice and start thread, lay a base on and finish about the middle.

    Take a pinch of deer hair, clean underfur out and stack, take out of stacker with left hand, transfer to right hand and measure for size. it wants to be about the same length as the body.

    Roll between finger and thumb to spread the hair out.

    Now transfer to left hand for tying in, either trim the butts now or tie in then trim. Keep tight hold of the hair with the left hand, don't let it slip around the hook, it needs to be tied in stacked high and thin. Watch your tension here, too much and you'll cut through the hair. Put a couple of wraps to the back of the wing.

    Now tape the wing out of the way with a low tack tape or a tape with the sticky bit covered in fluff (it will pull the wing out if it is too sticky).

    Now tie in the body, adding two more segments. Make the last segment tight up against the back of the wing.

    Remove tape and pull foam tags and wing to the rear, tie in your hackle.

    Dub the thorax.

    Using the foam tags and the wing as a parachute post, wrap the hackle.

    Tie off and remove any wayward hackle.

    Pull the front hackle tips to either side of the eye.

    Bring foam tags over the hackle and tie down a bit back from the eye.

    Tie down the foam right up to the eye and bring thread back to the thorax bump.

    Bring tags back and tie in for the head.

    You should now have this, stretch tags and snip off.

    Almost there.

    Now it's time for the crayons, colour to suit.

    Take a breath, it's finished.
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