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Thread: Brer Shrimp.

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    MJB Guest

    Default Brer Shrimp.

    Participating in a shrimp/crab/invertabrate swap on another forum I stumbled across an interesting concept using zonker strips for the shellback/carapace on salty flies. Here's a shrimpy thing I put together, although with a little variation in colour, legs, antenna it makes an interesting crab or slater imitation.

    Hook: Standard saltwater, size 4.
    Thread: Danvilles flat-waxed, colour to match.
    Weight: Lead dumbells
    Antenna/Mouth parts: Crinkle flash.
    Eyes: Melted mono.
    Body: Fritz.
    Shell/Carapace: Rabbit Zonker strip.

    Step 1: Catch in thread at start of bend and tie in 2 strands of crinkle flash for antenna.

    Step 2: Tie in burnt mono eyes on either side of shank.

    Step 3: Tie in 6-8 strands of crinkle flash similar length to eyes for the mouth parts.

    Step 4: Catch in fritz at bend of hook and wind thread along shank. Tie in a set of dumbells near hook eye, leaving sufficient room to finish head.

    Step 5: Wind fritz forwards to behind dumbells and secure. Trim off excess.

    Step 6: Invert hook. Take a piece of zonker strip and impale on hook point and slide round hook bend. Ensure the hair is lying the right way!

    Step 7: Stretch Zonker strip along hook shank and secure at hook eye. Trim excess, shape head and varnish.

    The finished fly:

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    Default Nice one

    Burnt mono ends, now there's a simple new one for me, good killer fly too.

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