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Thread: Bloody Buzzer

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    Default Bloody Buzzer

    This tying has come from spooning a fish to find a buzzer that was red tinged amongst the contents and hopefully emulates it enough to be a catcher.

    Apologies for the tying quality but I have managed to damage my glasses and am waiting on them getting repaired! The more observant amongst you will also notice that the step by step is made up of a couple of buzzers.

    Assuming the usual right handed tying method once again!

    Materials -

    Hook - Size 8 Circle hook
    Thread - UTC Black
    Body - Red Uni Flex Floss (this is the spooled variety and is slightly thicker than the generic hanked type)
    Rib - Silver Brassie wire
    Thorax - Red Uni Flex Floss
    Cheeks - Medium, UTC Holographic Red Tinsel

    Firstly, thread up your hook well into the bend and tie in the rib wire.

    Next, tie in the red flexi floss with a couple of turns to secure and stretch it as you return the thread back up the hook to the eye area. This helps reduce bulking at the tail of the buzzer.

    Run the flexi floss up to behind the eye with close touching turns keeping the floss slightly stretched and easing the tension as you approach the thorax area and secure it with a couple of tight turns. Leave the excess hanging down from the head area.

    Run the wire rib up the body in quite open turns and secure again at the head and break off by waggling the wire.

    Run your thread back down the hook for about 4mm before tying in a length of the red holographic tinsel on either side and returning the thread to behind the eye. You have to make sure that they are equally sited to give a good cheek effect but the trout are not too fussy if you get it a bit wrong.

    Wind back the flexi floss to where the tinsel disappears under the thread and build up a reasonably large thorax before tying off with a couple of turns. Stretch the floss before cutting and this will keep it even. If the floss springs out at this stage then you will have to cut it out and tie in a new length and complete the thorax.

    Bring the front holographic length forwards and catch with a turn or two and then do the same with the rear one and secure with a couple of tight turns before cutting off the excess.

    Whip finish the thread and cut off. If you have some straggly fibres sticking out you can get rid of these with a quick flash from a lighter and this will give you a nice finish to apply the varnish.

    When you varnish the head using SHHAN it will melt the flexi floss slightly and even out any small imperfections from the tying. This buzzer works well on the point due to it's size and when fished with a couple of black and green buzzers gives your quarry a choice of lunch!

    You can vary this one by using different flexi floss colours and holographic tinsels to give a multitude of different buzzers.

    Some variants tied by same method

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