This is an easy method that is useful for stripping hackles and quills for using as bodies on flies and buzzers.

Select your hackle with length suitable for the fly or buzzer you are tying, these ones are about 5 inches long from a ****** pack

Pull your thumb and forefinger down the hackle to bring the fibres to right angles, this makes it easier to strip and see your progress

Start by pulling the flue from one side, this is the hardest to remove so hold your hackle close to the base to prevent snapping it

Start pinching off the hackle fibres starting from a point above the already cleared section

As you work towards the tip the stalk gets thinner so pinch less fibres to avoid snapping it

Strip down the other side in the same manner until you have a clear stalk leaving a little tail clump for handling etc

Now you have a completed stalk ready to use or to dye which ever additional colour you want

A quick method of adding colour or increasing contrast is to use a permanent marker and pull the stalk against it while pushing down on a piece of ethafoam

The finished article dyed and ready for use