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    Default Technique - Wing Varnishing

    In response to Tupps request, here is a little SBS for varnishing wings for the likes of sedges etc

    Get your gear ready - SHHAN, drying rack, feathers and of course, fingers.

    Strip the flue from the base of your chosen feather - in this case Red Grouse breast feathers

    Gently grip the end of your varnish brush in the case of SHHAN then repeat with more varnish or put a couple of drops on forefinger and thumb if using an applicator bottle

    After bringing your digits together to even out the varnish, gently grip the feather and pull your fingers down to the tip, repeat this to smooth the fibres into position. If they are still sticking out, repeat with more varnish

    Grip too tightly and it looks like this, still usable though for smaller flies

    You want the finished article to look like this and then put aside on your rack to dry

    When tying in you can create a roof effect from where you grip the feather on the hook as it will curve easily. Trim to length and shape after completion of the fly
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