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    Default Golden dun (?) midge

    Sticking with midges, here's yet another SbS.
    This is one I use to imitate the light coloured midges that I've seen in summer. I've had quite a lot of success with this at Stocks and Fewston this year.
    Not sure what species of midge it is, I'm hopeless at identification, but I'd guess at a golden dun or ribbed midge.

    Hook - Tiemco 206BL #12
    Thread - body UTC 70 gray brown
    thorax Danville 6/0 tan
    Ribbing - yellow Flexifloss
    Wing buds - strip of tan raffene approx 1cm wide
    Breathers - soft white wool.

    Start tying thread and wind in touching turns towards bend. Tie in flexifloss on top of hook and bind in with the tying thread., stretching it with the left hand as you go, to reduce bulk.

    Return tying thread to point where thorax will be placed, and cut off waste end of flexifloss. Run tying thread in close turns back down hook and up again, keeping body as level as possible.

    Rib up in open turns with flexifloss, stretching it slightly as you go. Tie in at thorax, trim off waste, then secure tying thread with a whip finish and cut away.

    Start off the darker thread for the thorax at the eye, and wind down towards the bend. At the starting point for the thorax bind in a short length of raffene for the wing buds - no wider than 1cm for a #12 hook. Bind this in on the under side of the hook using a fig of eight winding.
    I like this material for realism, but shouldn't imagine it matters unduly if you use biots or any other of the usual wing (cheek) materials.

    Build up thorax, and add breathers to head, using a single strand of soft white wool. I think the stuff I've got is a remnant of Sirdar 'Baby Wool'. Fasten this in on the top of the hook, again with a fig of eight whipping.

    Bring over raffene and tie in at top of head just behind the breathers. Cut off waste wool and raffene, and whip finish as usual in front of breathers.

    A couple of coats of Sally Hansen and that's it.
    Very easy to tie (the hardest part is keeping the SH off the breather wool) but, touch wood, has been very effective for me this year.
    Ian D

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    Nice... the raffene looks good inside the varnish - vey natural.

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    I will second the praise and congratulate you in creating a very natural looking buzzer. The raffene wing buds really make this one.

    Top Notch, Ian.

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