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    Default Dawson's Olive Variant

    Here's a Dawson's Olive Variant that I use regularly and is very successful. Its tied with Straggle Fritz and has an Ostrich herl thorax.

    Dawson's Olive

    There is now a printable version at the bottom of the page, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC to view it.
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    Nice fly, interesting variants, and nice website - thanks.


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    Default Welcome back.

    Good to see you back on these pages Pint.

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    Thanks, Been a very hectic year.

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    Nice tying, what make is the straggle fritz you have used? I am trying to find some with long fibres similar to that shown.


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    Got the straggle from Colin Boyd at he also does the Micro UV straggle (ideal for nymphs) and +15mm straggle too.
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    The "original" Dawsons Olive the dressing you gave is nothing like the genuine original, which is as follows. Tying thread, black. Tail, Golden Olive marabou. Body, Green Olive chenille, Rib, Gold oval tinsel. Wing, Green olive marabou, Hackle, natural guinea fowl or later versions have blue dyed g/f.

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    On the step by step page it reads "The following pattern is a variant of the Dawson's Olive, the original pattern was tied with olive chenille for the body and sunburst or hot orange marabou for the tail. This version uses a few different materials to the original."

    Definition of Variant = differing from a norm or standard, exhibiting variation and change
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    On the Danica link you state that "the original Dawsons olive had an olive chenille body (correct, but no rib mentioned) and a tail of sunburst or hot orange marabou" which is incorrect.

    I'm sure that all of the patterns you give are very effective, and I will be adding them to my box shortly. Have you tried it with j.c eyes as they can make a difference as well.

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    Thanks for the info on the Original Dawson's have looked it up and I think now I have the correct original recipe. Web page's have now been updated.

    Can't remember where I read that Hot Orange was used in the original recipe, will have to research the original patterns a little harder.

    Have never tried JC but have added some of Gerry (Artifly's) Fluo goose biots to them for the extra attraction, have been trying them for a bit. The fly is very successful anyway (The Pink Tailed version is my favourite) so its hard to judge if the biots are making any difference.

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