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Thread: Beacon Beige

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    Default Beacon Beige

    Here’s a nice little dry fly – one of my favourites

    Step 1
    Wind on a body of tying thread.

    Step 2
    The tail here is a mixture of ginger and grizzle hackle fibres. Once you have them sort of muddled up in a small bunch, tie it in!

    Step 3
    Strip the herl off a strand of peacock to leave the bare quill. I find that using what’s left of my chewed finger nails is better than a rubber but use what works for you

    Step 4
    It is important when using materials like stripped quills, and flat tinsels etc to have a smooth body underneath otherwise the body will look all lumpy.
    Wind, in touching turns, the quill up the body and tie in at the end.

    Step 5
    Prepare two hackles for tying in. A ginger and a grizzle – the same as used for the tail. Tie in these hackles and wind them together.

    Step 6
    Form a neat head – not like my one and whip finish. It looks like I have the top half ginger and the bottom grizzle – not meant to be like that but looks can be deceptive! see the pic below

    Fly Little Buddy FLY FLY FLY nearly there !!!

    Comments are welcome


    Andrew P
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    Thumbs up Great Little Fly

    What a great looking little fly - thank you.


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    Nice Fly, I spent ages tying one up a super neat beacon beige once, only to find that when i'd got to the end and whip finished, i'd forgotten the tail! (I didn't really have the spirt to cut it up and tie another) Ahh well, i shall give it another go now i've seen your step by step, thanks,


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    Quote Originally Posted by yaffle
    , i'd forgotten the tail!
    How many times have I done the same

    Another nice one Andrew, keep them coming please.

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