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Thread: Half Hog

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    Default Half Hog

    Half Hog – Sort of

    Hook #10
    Body: Red & Black Seals fur mix
    Rib: Pearly Tinsel
    Wing 1: CDC
    Wing 2: Roe Deer
    Head: More of Body

    Step 1
    Put the hook in the vice and lay on a bed of thread.

    Step 2
    Catch in the rib of pearl tinsel.

    Step 3a
    Take some black seals fur and some red.
    You can make the body blacker or redder depending on the ratio of the mix, e.g. 70% black and 30% red will give you a darker fly.
    Take your two “clumps” very very sparse clumps and roll them together to make the nose of the “face”
    Once you have your “ball” pull it out to make the mouth of the face.

    Step 3b
    Dub on the fur!!!

    Step 4
    Wind up your rib and tie it in at the head.

    Step 5
    Tie in two CDC feathers.

    Step 6
    Now tie in the wing of deer hair. I find that by starting loosely with the thread and gradually getting tighter with the wraps it cuts down on the flare. Maybe I’m just Havering, but anyway

    Step 7
    Secure the deer hair finally by making a “head” on it.

    Step 8
    Dub on some of the mixed dubbing still left over from the body to hide the huge cranium

    Step 9
    Whip finish and admire 

    You may notice that in step 8 the head dubbing is redder than on the final fly, that’s because I didn’t like it so I took it off and “balanced” the colour of the dubbing.

    Another good version of this fly is one with a Fl. Green butt, Golden olive body, pearl rib, normal wing and one hopper leg on each side. EXPERIMENT WITH THE COLOURS!!!!

    p.s. my camera is on the way out hence the deterioration of the photos

    Andrew P

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    Nice tie again Andrew, I particularly liked the face

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    thanks (need to fill space message needs to be 10 characters minimum)

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