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Thread: Cdc & Pte

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    Default Cdc & Pte

    Cul de Canard & Pheasant Tail Emerger

    (...aka 'The Acronym'...)

    Hook: Partridge Olly Edwards K14ST #14
    Thread: Petitjean 8/0 split (beige)
    Abdomen: Pheasant tail
    Rib: UNI-Mylar pearl #16
    Thorax: white cdc
    Up-wing/ splitting wing bud: PT fibres

    1) Run the thread down the hook and past the bend and catch in a bunch (7 fibres?) of pheasant. Also tie in the pearl mylar for the rib. Run the thread back towards the eye.

    2) Start to form the abdomen with the PT.

    3) Then wind the rib with even spacing

    4) Tie off the rib. Now tie in another bunch of PT fibres with the tips facing backwards. Check you have the right length by folding the forward - you will need about 15mm beyond the eye. Adjust if necessary.

    5) Select two cdc fibres - Here I have chosen a blue and a white

    6) Trap the feathers in the clip. I'm using bull-dog clips in place of a Petitjean clip...

    7) Trim the stems away, leaving the fibres.

    8) Transfer the fibres to another clip...

    9) Trim the fibres...

    (Petitjean clips are transparent and, therefore, help you see the fibre length. Bull-dog clips are the cheaper alternative)

    10) Unspin the thread and split. Insert the cdc fibres and re-spin the thread...

    11) Start to wind towards the eye brushing the fibres up and back, trying not to trap any as you go

    12) With help from your dubbing needle, part the cdc at the top and draw the PT fibres forward. This is mainly to split the cdc, but I guess it help form a 'splitting' wing bud too.

    13) Tie down the PT fibres. They will now be over the eye...

    14) Fold the fibres back and tie in. Keep thread wraps to a minimum, but allow the fibres to lie back at 45 degrees.

    15) Whip finish and add a drop of head cement. The fly has a nice profile in the surface - with a nymph-like body, a splayed wing and a buggy, struggling thorax.

    Dave Wiltshire

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    Nice one , Dave. Thanks for sharing!

    Hans W
    ==================== You have a Friend in Low Places ====================
    Hans Weilenmann, The Netherlands

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    Not seen that one before.....very nice.

    Tying one's own flies really does open up countless possibilties doesn't it?

    .....are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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